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How does it work?

Build the peachy body you deserve. Our Zorvera Trainers use proven EMS technology to stimulate your muscles to give you a low-effort/high-intensity (LEHI) workout that targets exactly the muscles you want to work, all in just 20 minutes per day.

  • Burn fat, firm, and tone–you’ll define your muscles and amplify those curves
  • Fast results–your fellow Le Peach enthusiasts report results within 30 days of 20-minute/day sessions
  • Convenient–let Zorvera work your muscles while you read, get ready, or even work
  • Guaranteed–results or your money back with our money-back guarantee

Try It 30 Days Risk Free

We are CERTAIN you will see improvement in your overall hair health, so we back the BootyTrainer with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

If you are not satisfied with your results within 30 days, send it back for a no questions asked.


Orders are typically dispatched within 24 hours and take 6-10 working days to be delivered.

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Achieve Your Dream Body Effortlessly

 The BootyTrainer generates deep yet comfortable contractions, specifically targeting your glutes for remarkable results.


It contracts your muscles 85 times per second! That's equivalent to doing 85 squats EVERY SECOND!


Say goodbye to tedious workouts and embrace a more efficient way to tone and lift your butt.


Key Benefits

Here are some benefits, that come with using the BootyTrainer & our EMS AbsTrainer.

Helps reduce cellulite & saggy skin.

Lifts, sculpts, tones & strengthens your butt.

Helps alleviate lower back pain.

Tones & enhances your abs 

See results 10X FASTER than gym or exercising.

See Visible Results With 30 Days Or Your Money Back!


What sets Zorvera apart from the rest?

Other Brands


Guaranteed results

Backed by science

Built to last

Frequently Asked Questions

How exactly does it grow your butt?

It uses EMS technology to send pulses to your muscles, making them contract INSTANTLY.


 Just like your muscles contract during lunges or squats, EMS contracts your muscles 85 times per second! That's equivalent to doing 85 squats EVERY SECOND.   


Over time, this will help achieve a lifted & rounder butt, 10 times faster than going to the gym.

How long should I use it for?

For best results we recommend using the BootyTrainer  for at least 15-20 minutes 3-4 times a day.

Does it hurt?

No, all our EMS trainers are 100% pain free. 

You may feel a slight tingle from the pulses contracting your muscles but most customers enjoy that sensation!

Will it help my back pain?

Yes, The BootyTrainer™ also helps alleviate back pain, espacially lower back pain (just above the glutes).